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Web cookies can be defined as small text strings that the sites visited by the user send to his terminal (typically the browser), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites on the next visit by the same user. The personal data controller of this site declares that it uses cookies and/or other similar IT tools in order to allow and optimize the display of web pages and the elements contained therein or for profiling and marketing purposes.

The information collected with these tools may concern, for example:

a) the type of browser used (for example, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome; Firefox, etc.);

b) the name of the site from which the user accesses the internet;

c) the website from which the user reached the site;

d) the date, time and area of ​​access;

e) the pages that have been visited.

We guarantee that this website DOES NOT use its own cookies for profiling, advertising or geo-location purposes or other similar IT tools for the purpose of acquiring user data for mere advertising purposes.
In any case, the user can define various options relating to cookies, modifying the navigation options of his browser, respecting the methods and limits granted by the same.

The modification of the browser parameters can be carried out normally by selecting the item: "Internet Options" or "Preferences" from the "Tools" or "View" or "Edit" menu and, subsequently, selecting the wording: "Privacy" or "Protection" or "Download Files", and, subsequently, choosing the preferred settings. Given the multiplicity of browsers currently in use, it will undoubtedly be advisable to refer to the specific instructions and specific manuals of each program for surfing the net.

In order to offer the user a better browsing experience, additional IT tools may be installed on the user's computer (exclusively by third parties) also for profiling, advertising or geo-location purposes, attributable to the following third parties:

  • Part Three
    Google - Google Analytics – Google Tag Manager – Google Maps – Google Fonts

  • Declared function
    Tools provided by Google capable of carrying out user profiling activities and marketing activities based on the user's behavior.

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    To refuse consent to the use of data relating to Google Analytics:


  • Part Three
    Facebook – Facebook Connect – Facebook Custom Audience

  • Declared function
    Third-party service for marketing and profiling activities

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With reference to the specific function, information and consent relating to cookies installed by the aforementioned third parties, we invite the user to connect to the links indicated above, as well as visit the site:

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