Poli Distillery

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    La Poli is an artisan distillery founded in 1898 owned by the Poli family, located in Schiavon in a small town in the heart of the Veneto region. The distillery began with home-made production to become one of the major producers of artisanal grappa in the Vicenza area and a symbol of Italian tradition. 

    It always follows the tradition, but over time the descendants have improved and multiplied the production techniques, experimenting with new methods and raw materials, using steam, traditional bain-marie and vacuum stills. The pomace, exclusively fresh and healthy, comes from the best wine producers in the area, from Bassano del Grappa to the hills of Marostica and Breganze, lands historically suitable for growing vines.

    For over a century the Poli family has been pursuing a goal: to make effort, tenacity, but above all the love for their art and work, a passion and strong and deeply rooted values ​​understood and appreciated, which can be learned and know in their museum at the headquarters in Schiavon.