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    The Segnana distillery was founded in 1860 in the province of Trento, initially as a mobile distillery, thanks to the ingenuity of Paolo Segnana, to distill freshly squeezed marc on site. Subsequently the headquarters were established in Borgo Valsugana and in 1982 it was taken over by the Lunelli family, producer of the Ferrari sparkling wine, who were the main suppliers of pomace.

    The production system still follows the Trentino tradition through discontinuous distillations in a bain-marie in copper stills, but enriched by innovative technical features.

    Grappa Segnana is a symbol of the Trentino tradition, capable of combining tradition and innovation but also of expressing the spirit of the territory in the best possible way thanks to the use of fresh pomace of Trentino grapes subjected to soft pressing, above all Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, coming from the production of the precious Ferrari cellar.

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