Nonino Distillery

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    One of the most famous Italian distilleries in the world, founded by Orazio Nonino in 1897, is located in Percoto, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, not far from Udine. Over the years the company has managed to create successful products, becoming a real symbol of tradition, quality and prestige in Italy and in the world.

    What makes grappas special, in addition to the peasant traditions handed down from generation to generation, are the raw materials used, very fresh pomace left to ferment for a short time in steel vats at a controlled temperature. Even the distillation process improves its quality, carried out through an artisanal method with steam-heated pot stills.

    All labels are accompanied by detailed information on the raw materials, the production method and any ageing. Sensory richness, elegance and refinement are the predominant characteristics of the distillery and their quality products, which have become an inspirational model for producers from all over the world and a certainty for grappa lovers.