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Marzadro Distillery

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    The Marzadro distillery was founded in 1949 by the desire and tenacity of Sabina Marzadro in Nogaredo in Trentino. Sabina, with the help of her brother Attilio, created a distillery in total harmony with the surrounding area. 

    Today the company is led by the third generation who carry on the traditions and secrets of the past by integrating production with modern and avant-garde techniques, using pomace from classic and native Trentino vines. The distillation takes place using the traditional bain-marie system in a discontinuous alembic, typical of the Trentino culture, and in copper, where the characteristic perfumes and aromas are exalted to the maximum.

    Marzadro is a dynamic company, constantly updated and evolving, keeping up with the times and continuing to produce quality grappas.
    A historic distillery that soon became synonymous with Trentino excellence, loved and appreciated in Italy and around the world. 

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