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    Cantine Ceci began their production with a traditional wine from the Emilia area: Lambrusco, in 1938, when Otello Ceci, a famous innkeeper from the lower Parma province, noticed the success of the wine he served to customers, produced with grapes from local producers . 

    The tradition and passion handed down to their children and grandchildren have led Cantine Ceci to outline and increasingly strengthen their corporate identity, becoming today synonymous with quality Emilian Lambrusco in Italy and in the world. Over the years the family has always given a modern and original imprint to the production, demonstrating the very high potential of Lambrusco, giving it a refined and classy character, freeing it from its rustic and popular origins.

    Today the winery also produces other wines of the Emilian tradition, always combined in terms of finesse, pleasantness and modern expressiveness.