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    The Notte Rossa vineyards of the Terre di Sava winery are recognized as one of the main wineries in the Apulian wine scene. The reality is located in the Salento hinterland, characterized by the red earth burned by the sun with the presence of limestone, clay and sand, by the long summers and by the fresh wind of the Ionian Sea that blows during the night through the countryside, giving a natural minerality to the wines.

    Fertile ground for the native Apulian varieties: primitivo and negroamaro, while the white grapes are grown in the upper Salento, near Taranto, in hilly and basically clayey areas, at about 150 meters above sea level.

    Notte Rossa wines are excellences awarded in the most well-known national and international wine competitions, because they manage to express the variety of terroirs, giving genuine and authentic wines. 

    3 products